safe waterBOB

Who Invented the WaterBOB?

Mr. Tony Woodruff invented the waterBOB in Wausau. Tony looked for the best company across the globe that could manufacture the bets quality waterBOB. After conducting all the research, the task was handed over to a Chinese company.

This company was committed to producing the best waterBOB that strictly met the requirements for creating an efficient and safe waterBOB. That’s how this product came into existence.

For How Long Can WaterBOB Store Water?

WaterBOB can keep water fresh and clean for about 12-16 weeks. However, time usually depends on humidity and temperature conditions.

How to Keep WaterBOB Safe?

To ensure that the waterBOB works for longer duration and water remain safe and clean, you must ensure providing safe conditions to the waterBOB. Keep it away from direct sunlight. You can do this by covering it with towels or a sheet.

The reason for keeping it away from direct sunlight is that direct sunlight accelerates the growth of contaminates.

safe waterBOB


The waterBOB is an ideal product if you are looking for a storage facility at your home. Plenty of customers have claimed that this product has significantly helped them in dealing with emergencies. It has served to be a lifesaver for them.

If you have a waterBOB at your home, there is no need to run at local stores in search of water if any disaster is predicted. Using a waterBOB, you can easily convert your bathtub into a water storage tank and can store up to 100 gallons of water in it.

You can use this water for drinking cooking and washing purposes for up to 16 weeks. So, if you are looking for a perfect waterBOB for yourself, get it right now by clicking here.

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