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The Biggest Problem with Volunteer for Accommodation, And How You Can Fix It

The volunteer for accommodation arrangement is an excellent working plan, where you get to travel to various destinations and bring in your professionalism to play.

The volunteer for accommodation arrangement is an excellent working plan, where you get to travel to various destinations and bring in your professionalism to play. Most of the time, you do not get paid for work, but you get some adventure time in the destination of your choice and also housing and meals. You may also get medical benefits.

At first sight, it looks like a simple concept, which it should be. However, some problems face the work for accommodation program, and they make it seem complicated. Let us have a look at the biggest problem with volunteer for accommodation, and how you can fix it.

The Low Volunteering Numbers Issue

Volunteering Numbers Issue

One of the biggest problems you can encounter in this working arrangement is the low number of volunteers willing to take the available positions. The issue here is that most people interested in the available opportunities have to make a living. However, the available options can only reward those willing to work with accommodation and maybe meals.

This does not sound that appetizing to many, especially the professionals, due to the value factor. The present situation is that there are several working opportunities with minimal people willing to take them. Those who take them do not have much motivation; thus, the field is short of human resources, and the available workforce is not experienced.

Another pointer to low volunteer numbers is the safety factors. Some places that need volunteers are quite volatile, with things like war and diseases being the norm. These situations will not provide an ideal working landscape for many.

When you look at the places to volunteer, most need the labor, as they are likely to be farms, children’s homes, and schools.

The Impact of The Problem

Here are some of the noticeable impacts of low volunteering numbers in the work for housing concept.



The situation results in understaffing, where various establishments in need of human resources do not have enough of it. Understaffing leads to inefficiency, or some of the staff members will have loads of works to improve the workflow and clear up any backlogs.

Lack Of Motivation

Another issue you will notice due to the low volunteer numbers is a lack of motivation. If there are plenty of workers in any setting, there is usually the motivation to succeed in the workplace to stand out as the best. With a minimal staff, that is usually not the case. The situation dives if the other workers are also volunteering with no steady remuneration for their effort aside from accommodation and meals.

Lack Of Diversity


Diversity, like motivation, comes with a large workforce. With a low number of volunteers, there is no diversity in the work environment. Diversity helps us learn from each other and have a broader view of different situations.

Workplace diversity also contributes to motivation, and lack of it can affect morale in the working environment.

Stalled Projects

As earlier hinted, the work for housing schemes mostly lean on projects such as schools, children’s homes, and farms. All of them need human resources to proceed. With few people willing to take up volunteering opportunities, most of the projects will stall.

You can witness similar situations in war torn areas, where the instability sent volunteers away, leaving many projects on the ground.

Solutions to the Problem

Solutions to the Problem

Here are some solutions to the low volunteer numbers.

Encouraging High School Seniors To Take The Roles

High school seniors make a significant number of those who take up work for accommodation, where they come in as volunteers. They take this role after completing their high school studies during their gap year as they await college admission.

For most of them, this is an adventure that they take to find themselves and appreciate what they have. Most do a good job volunteering and even get recognition from various bodies.

Setting Up Volunteering Agencies

Another ideal move to consider is setting up volunteering agencies to link volunteers to areas where their help would make a difference. Many people would want to take up such roles, but they do not know how to go about it. The agencies might provide the help they need, like in consultation and linking them to suitable places.

Target Backpackers

Backpackers travel in different places of the world and are famous for their budget cuts when traveling. If there is work, they may take it for housing and meals to plan their next part of the journey. You can target this group, though they are available for short term engagements.


Low volunteer numbers are a big problem in the work and travel for housing arrangement, and this piece takes a more in-depth look into it. We can see the impact of the issue, though the good news is that there are solutions such as targeting gap year students and setting up agencies.

It is a hope that the situation will get better with time.

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